The Story So Far

Anna…The Story So Far

Anna is a short story about a mother and son getting on with life after a traumatic experience.  The film is in development stage with website and marketing materials being developed.  What Ethosworld intends to do is raise £10.000 from individuals, private investors and groups.  Donating anything from £1 to £50, you can donate higher than £50 which will place you in our platinum banner.  This money raised will be to cover some pre-production and production costs.  £10.000 will be provided by a funding body…TBC and another £5000 will be raised for marketing and promotion.  The aim is to premiere at Curzon Cinema in Soho:

 Short Synopsis

Anna is a young mother with a ten year-old son Jamie, trying to escape an abusive relationship. Each day she watches over her son but Jamie’s father’s violent outbursts are driving the family apart. One day an old friend returns, giving Anna hope that she can enjoy a new life with her son.


Anna also contains an animation sequence which is as important as the story itself, and for this the style will be based on a graphic novel style just like in Persepolis (2007).  This animation style according to Marjane Satrapi the director and author of Persepolis ‘could be defined as stylised Realism’ which is a definite reason to adopt this style as it suits the feel of the film.  This will give the film a clear visual distinction between the characters.


Short films fall under the category of short form content.  This is the predominant form of video content on the net and mobile devices.  The short has advantages over the longer format such as features because download times are less and the content can be digested without commitment, say over a coffee break.

 Ethos World is planning on pursuing traditional distribution routes along with emerging ones whose reality is being made possible by technological advances – cheaper LCD screens, cheaper bandwidth, faster wireless and wired data transfer speeds, etc.

 The story so far is that we are currently re-developing the website.  The website is in aid of raising funds for the film, but even more importantly the website is for you to find out information about the development of the project.  You’ll be able to sign up for monthly newsletter, bios about the out cast and crew, read blogs; you’ll be kept up to date with all news.

 As Ethosworld is selling credits, we have a special page dedicated to our supporters.  A list of incentives will also be available on the site for you to see because at Ethosworld we believe in rewarding people’s generosities.  So imagine this – rubbing shoulders with stars in Soho, being on set and seeing professional crew working (trust me that’s exciting!!), seeing your name on the end credit of a film, going to a premiere in London

 You’ll be able to download documents such as extracts from the script, storyboard, and schedule. Ethosworld is a community so there will be FREE events that you can attend.  This will allow you to meet key members of the team

What we are looking for is that through social networking sites and a catalyzing word of mouth moment exposure and distribution potential can start to snowball creating more and more income revenues for Ethos and its investors


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