Anna..haunted by her past, overcame fear with love 

A good story can make a lot of money. Film production is a lucrative way to go from having a great story to owning part in a bountiful revenue stream. Ethos World is currently seeking investors to finance the production of a short film entitled ‘Anna’. Life is what we make but sometimes the choices we make affects the people around us Anna is a look into two people’s lives at a time when hope was almost lost, contrasting our potential for the best and worst within the span of 15 thrilling minutes.  


The short will seek to maximise ORIGINALITY, ENTERTAINMENT, and PRODUCTION VALUES and is designed to achieve success at film festivals at home and internationally. This film deals with the after math of life after an abusive relationship with cutting edge debate on the topic that will serve to provide information and advertising. Plus, the short’s innovative marketing plan will utilized the latest developments in Internet promotion as well as more traditional means of promotion such as festivals and print. The film will be shot in HD and ready for Internet distribution, with the aim of taking advantage of all the emerging digital technology. 


Research shows that there is lucrative niche for well produced short form of entertainment. But the internet is currently being flooded with ‘shorts’ mainly done by amateurs and do not have the commercial values meaning people are not interested in paying for them, but don’t mind being subjected to advertising. Minus the Internet, traditional distribution such as home video, television and theatrical are also part of the marketing plan. Ethos world has some contacts in these branches and will utilise them to get the project in the best possible commercial vantage point. Another potential and lucrative revenue could come from the sale or optioning of the story rights. The film as it stands now is planned to be a mini blockbuster with the possibility of expanding into a full feature using the footage shot for the short or allowing another team to re-imagine the story in a remake, a trend in Hollywood.  


But aside from the story, the project greatest asset is its talented human capital and investments in Ethos World production of ‘Anna’ will provide good returns because the film will look as if it was made for considerable more. For in the entertainment industry, this greater perceived value directly translate to greater sale.  


Getting involved 

Getting involved is easy: 

This project is not just trying to get money out of you. We know times are hard, and you may also be thinking just how many things are against us in the way we are raising the money or just waiting for that day to come….Well my friend THAT day has come. You can help. We all have something special, so don’t think that you don’t have what it takes to lend a hand. As the saying goes if you need help, help someone else, if you want a break, be someone else’s break, if you need to be inspired, then go out and be inspirational. 

There are so many ways that you can help and everyone and anyone who can bring something to this project are welcome. Don’t think that you cant offer anything because you’ve never worked in films before or you don’t have any skills to offer. Film production is like any other business and run on the same foundations, so you may just be able to offer to keep us more organized, keeping paper work organized, know the right place for cheap print, has a friend with a van who may be willing to drop props, know someone who can give us props or location for free. 

Get in contact 

It could be that you know how to get us a bigger audience, add a few friends on facebook or how to get more followers on twitter. Send us some words of encouragement, be onset with a smile and bring tea to crew, there is something for everyone. Have a look-see what fits you and take what you want from it all so we all benefit.


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