Posted by: ethosworld | January 23, 2011

Anna 2 (Development)

We are currently in the final stages of the development process of Anna, and are extremely looking forward to going into pre-production and production.  During the last couple of months there have been major changes and developments.  Some bad, some great but overall we are happy to say that we have a deadline for the website and other development paper work and we look set to make these dates.

Although most of our efforts during this stage have been script development we have also at the same time been making contacts for investors and drawing up our funding strategy.  The whole film will cost £12,000 and we strongly believe we can raise the funds needed.  The plan is to source £5,000 from private investors, each donating £1000.

We have made the contacts needed for these investors and will be confirming in the new future the names.

Through family and friends of the crew, we aim to raise £2,000.  Another £2,000 will be sourced from fundraising events and auctions of sporting memobrilias.  The final £3,000 fill be sourced from the general internet crowd.

By encouraging the general public to be involved in the project we hope to not only create a ‘buzz’ for the film but to also share the whole filmmaking process with people who will eventually be our fans.

Even though the film is in development we have already started the PR and marketing of the film- we have a page and profile on Facebook, twitter, and coming soon the website which will have updates of the project, names of ALL who have put money into the production.  Once the script and other paperwork are completed we will use all our contact in print and radio to release a PR and we hope this will be start of a snowball effect in creating buzz for the project.

Our goal is for every person who donates to be a part of our film, which is why we are offering the following exclusives:

Silver Associates

Between £5 and £15

Incentive: Good Deed plus your name on the Web Site

Gold Associates

Between £16 and £35

Incentive: Good Deed plus your name on the Web Site, End Credits, and a copy of the DVD

Platinum Associates

Between £36 and £100

Incentive: Good Deed plus your name on the Web Site, End Credits, DVD, and two VIP tickets to a champagne reception and the premiere at Curzon Soho

Diamond Associates

£101 and upwards!

Recommended for private investors, this package includes all of the above plus 4 VIP tickets to the premiere. You will be invited to visit the set and receive an invitation to the wrap party, an Associate Producer title, memorabilia from the film


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