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‘Anna’ – the first short by Ethos Productions is currently in development stage.  The development stage involves making preparations for the story and its underlying message before shooting commences.  At this moment we are working with the script writer, re-writing to improve the dramatisation, characters, dialogue and overall style of the film.  A treatment will also be prepared during this stage and will be available on-line once ready.

An important part of the development stage for any production is to seek out a distributor as early as possible.  This is one key element that most indie producers neglect and they lack the knowledge of how to go about finding distributors and by the time they get round to finding one it’s often too late for anyone to see their films.  We make films for people to see, it as simple as that, and without a distributor not many people will see your film.

The filmmaking process is a business and many up-and-coming filmmakers sometimes forget this key aspect.  This is why for ‘Anna’ the production company has already looked at potential distributors and we believe that with your help and our structured business plan, along with a talented and skilled crew, we will get a distributor for this film.  This is a distinct possibility because the story and characters are strong and we believe the subject matter resounds daily in the lives of many people.

Along with planning a treatment for potential investors we are also building a website for our financiers and other involved parties so they can keep up to date with news and developments of ‘Anna’.  Whilst most filmmakers forget the importance of the development stage, we are using this time to assemble the necessary elements to ensure that ‘Anna’ is a viable commercial project.

We intend to part-fund this film by crowd funding and we are doing this by selling end credits and inviting contributions from private investors.  We hope to raise €10.000 for pre-production and some production costs.  Although crowd funding is only a few years old it has been shown that it can be a successful way to raise funds for your film. and Michael’s Resignation are two projects that have recently demonstrated the viability of this approach and shown that, when properly done, crowd funding can be successful.

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