Posted by: ethosworld | July 17, 2010

Up In The Sky

So yesterday I was on the train and for some reason I was attracted to look up.  It was a clear day  yesterday, some clouds but I would say clear and as I was looking up I could see the moon – YES THE MOON! I know the moon is always there but it one of those things that I usually don’t pay attention to.  I knew it was the moon because the sun was position on the other side of the moving train…my thoughts moving with the train and I wondered ‘whats up in the sky’?  I mean who ever stops to look up at the sky? and if you did what do you see? Clouds, Planes and some birds, but really is it something that we all should be doing more? Looking up

So I’m looking and I can see the moon Man has been on the moon but how did that benefit me?  Then I thought huh…Man has also been to other planets mostly Mars, and I had to ask myself ‘What are they doing up there?  The thing is WE all KNOW that there are missions to other planets BUT we NEVER know exactly whats going on up there.  We belive what we are told and if you dont believe or have any doubts it’s not like you’ll be getting the next flight out to space to prove any different. So why care? As long as we are fine on earth, right?  Then I thought what about Global Warming and also 2012?…Maybe not so safe after all.  Gosh we might be doomed unless we are ready

Most people hate it when you question the government, but the fact of the matter is the government wants us to believe that we humans are the cause of Global Warming and the use that excuse to tax us on reducing CO2 emission.  What a load of Shyte!! I will go into Global Warming another time.  2012 though, well I’m going to be honest.  I’ve only done a little research on this subject but I know I need to educate myself more about it and I believe that WE all should learn more about it.  Sir Richard Branson- the Virgin boss is launching his Virgin shuttle in 2012, tickets are sold out and the joke is only the RICH and FAMOUS have been able to obtain tickets and there is something like a 10 year waiting list for average Joe’s and Janes like you and me. (Are you getting worried yet?)

The theory goes: In 2012 around 21st December something is going to shift in the earth outer space.  Earth might get hit and oceans may move causing  a catastrophic event- same 2012 Virgin shuttle are launching..Is it a coincidence?  I have a feeling that these shuttles are gonna go but may not return and we’ll be told that ‘they got lost in space’ ‘they crashed everyone died’ and again we’ll have to believe because we can’t prove no different.  What happens up in the sky..stays up in the sky.  And whilst on this subject I started thinking about the underground project- you know the project where scientists are trying to re-create the BIG BANG! (I’m getting worried) What if they do succeed does anyone know what the effects are? Because I don’t.

But the sky was so clear it made me want to go up there and as I got off at my stop, I wondered IF I will ever get the chance to see whats UP IN THE SKY


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