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The secrets Of Global Information Network (GIN)

Knowing the secrets of Global Infoformation Network can prove difficult and this is an attempt to help you understand what GIN is about.  A new method of achieving financial freedom and happiness is one of Global Information Network chief aims.  The society was founded by Kevin Trudeau an EX society member of the Brotherhood, which you may be aware of. This is a fact, secrets societies are real and we’ve all heard of them societies such as Skull&Bones, The Illuminati, the very famous Freemasons but to name a few and this has been proven that they exist as they have been highly documented and if you want more proof search the Internet or watch Edge Media-Controversial TV on SKY channel 200.

If you know about Kevin Trudeau, you will know that he is a highly successful  author with books such as Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease Kevin has even gone has far as being the creator of the golf channel in the UK.  His books help others to live a healthy life style and they teach emotional and spiritually well-being is one of the keys to success in life, and you if you are a well-being everything else falls into place.  With this particular knowledge, I’m sure you understand why the elites are all members of secrets societies.  This knowledge, amongst other things is exactly what Kevin is exposing so I’m not surprised that he is getting bad press for his new business-Global Information Network.

If you search the Internet for info on GIN you will see videos and articles claiming that GIN is a scam.  Well let me tell you now these people are stupid! In fact I feel sorry for them because they have no concept at all.  Thats what I have to say to people like that and I see why they are not successful and why they are unhappy with what they do in their life. They are close minded people.

The Secrets Of Global Information Network

The secrets of Global Iinformation Network is there are NO SECRETS.  You might be surprised I’ve said that but that is the truth, there are NO SECRETS and you can ask anyone in GIN and they will answer the same…GIN is about sharing information that have been kept hidden from us and using this information to better our selves in our daily lives.  In today’s society the majority are a slave to the system.  You spend most of your life working to pay bills and you hardly or never get the to spend your money IF you have any saved that is.  GIN is an exclusive and private club and membership in GIN can be compared to membership in an exclusive country club, or private organization for affluent like-minded people.  At GIN, the average person can gain access to the same secret information that up until now has been the exclusive privilege of the elite class and only to members of the secret societies and groups.

By allowing average people access to this secret knowledge, it is the hope of GIN that:

  • Individual levels of personal responsibility will increase
  • More people will become empowered
  • Depression, powerlessness, poverty, hunger, and slavery will diminish and over time cease to exist
  • A worldwide global shift will occur where the masses will stop looking to government, or corporate entities to solve all problems  People will understand that they CAN change their situations and create any reality they desire
  • The world will go into an upward movement of prosperity, freedom, and peace for all to such a degree that mankind has never seen       

A Brief History Lesson

History always repeats itself, that’s a FACT and ironic you may say.  In the early 90s there was a recession and most people lost all their savings and pensions they had up to that time.  They more or less had to start all over again.  Fast forward 2008-BANG! another recession only this time its much worst than any previous.  It is now 2010 and the economy is still no way near recovered with unemployment world-wide at an all time high, the reality is it’s the middle class who are now becoming homeless.  Watch channel 4unreported world

And let me finish this by saying, probably in 15-20years  there will be another recession and the slave to the system AGAIN will lose out.  Do you have a plan B?

Why The Rich Gets Richer…And The Less Fortunate? Well Homelessness

According to recent reports there are about billion people in the world and only 1% of people are rich!  That 1% control the world I don’t know about you but for me, that’s scary. The rich get richer simply because they control the information you and I receive and the ideologies that are presented are nothing but to keep us further from the truth which we so deserve.  Today, the masses are controlled by letting them believe that it’s not their fault things aren’t going the way they planned oh its the government’s fault I lost all my money, oh its the banks, its my parents, you blame everyone but yourself. When you understand that YOU control 100% of everything in your life, positive or negative YOU can change anything in your life because you are the creator of your destiny.

The Global Awakening

Global awakening means when the  individual becomes aware of and embrace their true nature and destiny as embodied spiritual beings.  This truth goes beyond the limitations of historical beliefs, concerning self, time, space and matter.  Right now at this very moment around the world increasing numbers of people are experiencing a new awareness that reaches beyond any kind of scientific, religious views thus uniting us through our hearts and higher purpose.  This world is in great need for an organisation such as GIN and the individuals who are devoted to expressing and support the many facets of this new awareness.  This experience of being on earth I believe has presented us with a unique opportunity to fully appreciate and accept the diversity and uniqueness that we all contribute.  Awakening requires remembering who and what we are beyond the ordinary consideration of our human self.  GIN is a contribution to this, and yes it was formed by ex society members coming together but these people are most conscious  and appreciative of the largeness of global awakening.  They are working together a practical and operational system way to bring information NEVER before released.

What Are You Going To DO?

I know that the information GIN is putting in front of people is vital for the times we live in.  This information is about empowering people and to help you understand the world and society you are part of so that you can stand above it all.  Minus the financial aspects of GIN, being a part of it makes me understand the importance of empowering people and helping them.


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